SCL – talks

talks (incomplete list)

  • SCL, R. M. Murray, ‘‘TuLiP: a toolbox for hybrid and reactive systems research,’’ SciPy 2012, 19 July 2012, Austin, Texas, USA.

  • SCL, P. Prabhakar, R. M. Murray, ‘‘A method for patching control strategies based on local mu-calculus fixed points,’’ SYNT 2012, 1st Workshop on Synthesis, 7–8 July 2012, Berkeley, California, USA.

  • B. Falk, Y. Yovel, SCL, C. F. Moss, ‘‘Comparison of Sonar Behavior During Landing in Laryngeal and Lingual Echolocating Bats, Eptesicus fuscus and Rousettus aegyptiacus,’’ (poster), 3rd Symposium on Acoustic Communication by Animals, 4 Aug 2011.

  • ‘‘Introduction to ROS, or from 0 to ok in not-so-long,’’ (tutorial) 1 Jun 2011. Video part 1, 2, & 3. Corresponding source code files.

  • ‘‘A Tool for Studying Sonar Beam Shape and Control by the Echolocating Bat’’, given at the Caltech NESS (Neuromorphic Engineering Students Society) weekly seminar, 11 Nov 2010.

  • ‘‘For Its Own Sake and to Build Something Better: A Primer on Neuroscience, Bat Echolocation, and Hacker Bio-inspiration.’’, given at The Next HOPE conference in July 2010.

  • ‘‘On the Broad Implications of Reinforcement Learning based AGI’’, given at AGI-08.